AUKHERA (2014)

1. Grandma’s: 

Our grandma from Sestao told us about postwar events and the long time her father remained in prison. That story made us shudder // Her father, whom she visited daily, spent two years in prison in Bilbao. She lost half a day to get there, but was the only option until they release him. // Finally, it seems that General forgave him and, therefore, has written a letter, but the little piece of paper has failed to reach, lost in it’s way for three or four weeks, and when it arrived, the father is shot . // Not enough money to bury him. They have gone to the lender, but it is also expensive. Anyway, he came to his funeral without having lived an easy life.  //  Grandma has said it is forgiven, and can not be denied that this is a virtue. For history does not get lost in time, shall we not banish our people  to oblivion. Shall not lies hide them!

3. Young Txakoli

Young txakoli, yes,  coastal young txakoli in the barrel, let’s drink among friends  // Old verses, we have old and new verses, let’s sing among friends // Work every morning, hard work every morning at the factory, let’s do it among friends! // The stars are dancing, the stars are dancing and singing so many nights… Kherau is among friends (let’s do among friends)

4. Pact of Silence

The curtain goes up, the show begins: laughter carries bitterness. When was this story stopped being a tale? Loneliness, a ruthless friend, is now my closest friend. The salmon was drowning, subdued to the evidence.  //  Here you got me, deaf and blind, one crying dumb, The pact of silence has infected memory’s wound. Crazy dancer without course, a toll too expensive: there are no tears in my eyes, but (there is) rain in my soul   //   After arriving at your island, the reward was a maze: beast on the inside, weaver on the outside; you cut the thread ... Turning off the candle, burning skin, wax pregnant, giving me wings to later melt them, sunlight that does not heat .// The long winter you kept for me wintered smile. Too many autumns, and very little spring. Among the ruins of the Tower of Babel I had to be stone, wanting to but not reaching to touch the sky, in the exile of those who have no dreams.  //  Here you got me, deaf and blind, one crying dumb, The pact of silence has infected memory’s wound. Crazy dancer without course, a toll too expensive: there are no tears in my eyes, but (there is) rain in my soul

5. Dance fast (Tarantella)

We drank the short night in one go, playing, just the two of us. The alarm clock’s music, soundtrack of the sheets dance. Napoli’s ragazza, she had the tarantella into her soul. She lived fast, rapid and quickly... Live dancing, ‘cause life is just a dance.  //  Questa tarantella (this tarantella) che muore di pena (dies in sorrow) se non la si balla con velocitá (if it’s not dancing quickly) zai zoi bele (7,8,9) we’ll get tight even in the shoes.. Open the barrel, get a move on, join the parade, zai zoi bele, come with us ‘cause we’re running out of time. //
The crafty poison of time has no hurry, like bitten by spider’s clock. Life goes quickly, nobody warned us. Dance fast, it seems it has begun, the trikitixa (tune) of the baneful destination  //  After a month, I lost her visit and, instead that date, she changed me for a couple of grams of white dust, that’s to last!...Napoli’s girl, she was as pale (clear) as her name. She lived fast, rapid and quickly… live dancing,’cause life is just a dance. //  Recited: The present times will turn, some time, in past. What is a story, also will be History when there is not anybody to remember. A frantic rhythm, don’t you leave for the day after tomorrow, apparently present it is not eternal. It treats of a classical concept, basic, typical, cliché, still to take into account.  AND...!THUD! ¡And the explosion of the Big-Bang! The smallpox in the planet Earth! ¡And SHRIMPS! And barks of dog! This lanky monkey: HIS TURN!, The tolling of a bell! What a fiesta... Band... samba...! Drunkards: glup-glup! WHAT A BARGAIN! After devouring your moment...lie under earth for ever!

6. Nevada

The white meadow storm, rain in solitude, Nevada’s moon leads me gently towards you. // Immigrant black sheep, dirty for natives. I'd Lose my head if you were not in my memories. // Ai, oi, ene, I was holding you in my arms, my dear daughter. Ai, oi, ene, daughter of thy father, Winter Flower. // With three feet of snow and throat torn,  many of us swallowed the lie of a new life. // stab wounds in the heart and in the bark of the aspens, leave among the roots the letter that you will never get// Poor working for 6 years in the chaos of the flock. It was not easy to leave home for this. / / When you were born I quit (to be) beside the cradle. When we meet again, I will not recognise you.

8. I already know you're...

I already know you're hiding behind the curtains, listening to my words, my dear, only dressing a nightgown. / / With my body trembling and tears falling, I must tell you in pain, my dear, our tragedy. / / My father visited your brother today, to agree on my wedding, my dear, with a dowry of six pigs. / / I have to fulfill this command bound to your house, my dear, converted to your sister in law. / / (Narrator) On March 1st 1800 a suicide happened: that of Maite and Kattalin.

9. From the year four thousand 

From the year four thousand I want to talk to someone. Already no one feels as a human. Before, we were flesh and blood (bone), now just  two numbers. After noticing a star from the sky, today nobody knows what a soul was.

10. Savior

The devil told me the secret of that game he knows, he told me that the trick is to believe that you move the red piece. Go ahead, it's your turn, continue along the marked path on the board…. The bank always wins but haven’t you realized that you yourself are the piece? / / Kid, in absence of saviors, you must realize, you have no choice: you have the Messiah in the mirror. Lass, wake up, instead of complaining, freedom does not come at once, but fighting restlessly, he, you and I, because of us!!! / / The jail bars carry written the word "freedom". Inside these formal still imprisoned in "liberty". They lengthen your chain to make you live controlled, slave of fear that they shorten it back again / / Raise your voice, raise your head, raises your fist, get up, get in foot, this is our chance.

12. Eighteen hundred and forty-seven

Eighteen hundred and forty-seven, that year I hit Txipi from Oiartzun, and since then here I am, up and down, not dying, but always in danger. / / Is not a shame my appearance? I have not had a penny on all my holy life. Because of not having a daily coin, my time has fled in the hope of future. / / My time is gone and I have started to think that old age brings no good thing ... This year the piss is shorter than last year, the shoes have begun to rot from the tip. / / The last year standing,  and this year on my knees, what a difference from one year to another! // Before I wanted to break walls, and now xirri-mirri (/ I crawl). I need two hours to find out where I have it (my penis) / / Missed the molars and broken the teeth, throat hits my dewlap, both lips burned by the short stem of the pipe: this is how they have been gone, my youthful blusters.

14. Ondarroa’s Shore

The splash of the saltpeter on the shore of Ondarroa, and passion to their language of two young men. So, the story sparks converted the base of this fire: taking an instrument each, giving a different touch, the path they started that night was hard to guess: Kherau band’s beginning was because of a crush on Euskera (Basque language) / / And from Ondarroa to Baranbio, taking as rudder Euskera (Basque language), our family has expanded and we have gone from two to five. It was entirely beneficial the baserri’s (basque cottage) atmosphere: we had a Basque perspective and we come to believe in ourselves. In the year two thousand ten, the squadron is news: we went “Barefoot the world”, to sing our history. / / These years sometimes we feel hot, sometimes cold, many performances, and two funerals, separations and marriages. And so, each of us is part of this family, a heart that feels and a voice in Euskera. (/ Basque). We proudly hear the noise of our walk: this path we have started it is not going to be a short journey.


1.- Munduan ortozik — Barefoot through the world 

Since my mother told me: fall down, fall down , to be lucky enough to learn to get up, the one who needs a rope to rise is just becoming a puppet string.

My bag is dirty, full of nothing and my castle has no roof: I have nothing, the only thing I can do is to sing and I have a thousand and one verses for you, my dear.

Do I have to be called old for not being young?, "Do I must be poor for not having money? The evening will come and so they will realize too that the infinite stars in heaven are free.

The wind also walks this way, barefoot through the world: Do not need of roads nor borders, these unfortunates have no other dream but to enchain the wind.

2.- Zortzi nobioak — The eight Grooms 

There is a pretty gal in the town of Laukiz she's have eight grooms in two years and a half, not always went fine nor clean, and she's the eighth rather worried.

The first groom seemed to be a cooper . He was pretty handsome, but with brownish forehead.

The second was a shoemaker, not such bad election, if he hadn't been lame.

The third was a widower, a heir man who owned much lands. If his house had not been full of children, surely something could have been done.

The fourth has missed the wife, but, besides being a widower, he is also a renter.

The fifth is Eusebio, the one who has two "pesetas" daily.

The sixth is Eustakio Eule (the weaver), an old trousers wearing naive , a poor wretch: You wanted to marry me, but I cause you left me.

Eugenio is the seventh, I wanted him enough to marry him and left Eustakio, there you see where I found so many grooms!.

The eighth was Jose, my neighbor, a good happy boy of seventeen: I'm totally committed to you, you'll be my husband!

Eight grooms, eight lovers, remember, Josepa, who is Eustakio, there are many demons in the world and the one who did fool me was Josepa ... my own cousin!

3.- Erresinola - The nightingale 

Nightingale, you're going to France, nightingale, commend me to my mother, beautiful forest bird, just fly.

Commend me to my mother, nightingale, and do not tell anything to my father , beautiful forest bird, just fly.

Do not tell anything to my father, nightingale, 'cause he has badly wed me, beautiful forest bird,just fly.

Because he has badly wed me,nightingale, he has given me a shepherd from the south, beautiful forest bird, just fly.

He has given me a shepherd from the south, nightingale, which forces me to reap the harvest, beautiful forest bird, just fly.

Which forces me to reap the harvest, nightingale, and I've lost any hope, beautiful forest bird, just fly.

If you take me to my mother, nightingale, I'll give you a kiss and a hug, beautiful forest bird, just fly.

Nightingale, you're going to France, nightingale, commend me to my mother, beautiful forest bird, just fly.

4.- Ostalerra - Barmaid 

Brown-eyed barmaid, how much you have the wine? I have it in all price ranges, and so the other.
I've it five's, I've it six's and seven's as well.Serve me a pint of five's, 'cause we must go home today.

5.- Jaka aldatu - Change your jacket 

Dear friends let me, please, describe how it feels being cold sometimes, and sultry on others, that is the trance of who has a single suit.

The lords of these parts dress the way their King does,and I, to end my misery, I should change my jacket like the others.

Change your jacket, insubstantial, watch out as all material can burn, take off your jacket and dress with another: soon we'll let you naked.

Perhaps tired of bad colds, a never before seen coat appears unexpectedly, pulled his tie today, when they tie the noose around the people necks.

Honesty is our fuel, no fuel so scarce like that, but unfortunately keeping one's word does not warm as much as does the heart.

Always fashionable, always with elegance, always cool in summer ... having lost, in return, the honor, and for some (a price) so cheap, for some (a price) so cheap...

6.- Maritxu 

Where are you going so beautiful, Maritxu? To the source, Bartolo, can come with me if you want. What's in the source, then? There is white wine , which we'll drink whatever we want.

You go first, escape to the source, your father is staring at us as he walks towards us with a frown. If he see us here, he'll punish us!

Maritxu,is not the wine but your smile is what will quench my thirst. Quiet, Bartolo, calm your anxiety and drink from the honey I keep for you on my lips.

Nobody stares at the black of darkness, nor see the flashes from the eyes of the beloved, the night conceals the lovers that surely the light would betray.

We wear our love of secrecy, is the price of two unhappy to love each other. As this fire is covered, it will be extinguished to become in the farewell of the mourning of the ashes.

Where are you going Maritxu? You are backing down. Dawn says to go home. You leave me here alone restless, like water from the source.

Maritxu, beautiful flower, where are you going? Far Bartolo: Come with me and we won't be separate again, our love will be free, we won't be prisoners of anyone.

7.- Jaun Baruak - Lord Baron 

It has been a while since the Lord Baron extended his ties and caught a beautiful bird at Pau's nunnery. therefore, from now, will live as he hoped.

If such ties could be found in markets, would be bought by the gentry people of Soule, letting them ,this way, catching such beautiful birds.

In late April, when I was in the Navy, I was carrying you in my heart, guns in hand, you present in spirit, but not in my arms.

Lord, if you want me as much as you say, leave the service provided to the King and love the people, that way I'll feel satisfied.

8.- Amak ezkondu ninduen - Mom has engaged me

My mom has engaged me with only fifteen the fiance has already almost eighty and me, young lady with an old grandpa.

Mom tell me, why do i need such an old man? I'll take him and throw thru window oh gosh! throw thru my window

"Be quiet, lassie he's rich, so just pass with patience a couple of years... once he's dead you're gonna live in happiness"

To hell with the profit-seekers I do prefer better a boy of my age oh gosh! a twenty some years young man.

9.- All Iron

Iron on the rocks, pops of work, a blood carnation flowered blow by blow:with the pain of the drillers.

Blow by blow the heartbeats, reflections of our anger, iron and more iron to fill the bucket, this is our ballad.

The owner of the mine, pretty severe, as wealthy (is called) "outsider." To poor: "stranger" and to the "maketo**": slavery, this is our rumble.

Getting the pay week after week, workers of the master, to spend on (their) bar, customers of the master, this is our insane song.

This is the farewell, the reason for our woes, wild rebellion, the poem of noise, our first jota.

* and ** are derogatory terms to refer to the Non basque-speaking immigrants: maketo(they came with a bundle "Makuto" on shoulder) and belarri-motza (literally: the short/ ugly ears)

(English translations by Gaizka Andollo & Ibon Ordóñez)